I am a lecturer of Information Science and Information Systems courses at the Bachelor and Master level at Open University and Eindhoven University of Technology. At OU these courses are part of the Bachelor of Science program in Information Science and the Master of Science program Business Process Management and IT. At TU/e these courses are part of the Bachelor of Science program in Industrial Engineering and the Master of Science programs in Operations Management and Logistics, Business Information Systems, and Innovation Management. It is my ambition to deliver outstanding and inspiring education, using activating teaching methods, giving students their own freedom and responsibility, and integrating industrial cases into teaching activities. I have been and still am involved in the educational management in both department as the chair of the Study Program Committee Industrial Engineering (TU/e) and member of the BSc Curriculum Committee Information Science


Currently, I am teaching the following courses:

Open University:
  • Enterprise Modeling
  • Project management: implementation of ERP systems
  • Business Processes
Eindhoven University of Technology:
  • 1BK20 Business Process Simulation
  • 1BM05 Business Process Management

Recently Supervised Student Projects (Master theses, Bachelor theses)

  • Juul Knoben. From health insurance to patient treatment -Supporting the translation of agreements between health insurers and hospitals from yearly numbers to daily capacity with an IT-tool. (Master OML, 1st supervisor)
  • Dennis Croonen. Enabling Dynamic Resource Allocation for Industrial Robots by Introducing a Robot Attribute Taxonomy. (Double degree Master OML + BIS, 1st supervisor)
  • Xavier Jie-A-Looi. A Method to Enable Ability-based Resource Allocation for Runtime Process Management in Manufacturing. (Master OML, 1st supervisor)
  • Ruurd Boomsma. An evaluation of thresholds for business process model metrics. (Master BIS, 1st supervisor)